Renters Insurance


A Guide to Renters Insurance

Rent or lease, the building you live in is generally the only thing covered by your landlord’s insurance, not your personal property. Province insurance provides coverage for your belongings and lifestyle while renting.

In short, while renting, it is your responsibility to make sure your possessions are insured because your landlord is only held accountable for damage to the building.

A renters policy includes coverage for burglaries, water damage, fire, and more. Check your renters’ policy, comb the fine details to determine the overall payout limit and the maximum amount for a single insurance claim.

You may even be eligible to receive a payment towards temporary housing if damage occurs to the rental, covered within your policy, that results in uninhabitable living space.

Some renter policies even include liability coverage that provides payment if someone injures themselves while visiting you or if you accidentally damage the rental property.

It is important to keep in mind that renters' insurance does not generally cover your car while parked on a rental property.

You need renters’ insurance if you rent living space to dot your t’s and cross your I’s. Our qualified agents would be happy to ensure you have coverage and protection with an insurance policy that fits your unique needs.

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