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It is important to do all you can to protect one of your biggest assets in life, your home. Province Insurance will help you protect against the unforeseen with insurance that will not rob you blind.

Your home is the center of your life and a valuable asset, and it is important to prioritize peace of mind when it comes to whether or not you have certain risks covered with homeowners’ insurance. Covering the trivial and significant risks of being a homeowner is made easy with the right policy.

A fire could result in the total devastation of your home as well as a serious financial loss without appropriate homeowners’ insurance. In the end, you could be left with the balance of the mortgage and no resources to pay it off.

Homeowners’ insurance can also protect you from common incidents like burglary or leaky pipes, and more.

Trying to find the right policy for your house can be overwhelming. It's not easy to know where to start. Never fear; we can simplify things with a policy that fulfills your specific needs.

While reviewing your policy options, consider covering the following:

  • Personal Liability
  • Excess Liability Coverage
  • Personal Injury
  • Personal Property / Contents
  • Additional Living Expense / Loss of Use
  • Medical Expenses
  • Miscellaneous Coverage
  • Umbrella
  • Secondary Home
  • Off-Premises Theft
  • Wine Collection
  • Jewelry, Fine Arts & Collectibles
  • Collectible Cars
  • Property Damage
  • Water Back-Up
  • Flood Coverage
  • Fire

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